Alternatives for Bad Credit Mobiles

Worst case scenario, you did not qualify for any bad credit mobile plan. What should you do then? Are there other options available for you? The answer is yes. Sure, there will always be back up plan in case Plan A won't work for you, right? In terms of bad credit mobile phone contracts, you have the liberty to choose from the alternatives:

Mobile Phone Financing

This means you get to obtain your mobile phone instantly but you have to pay for it monthly or in an instalment basis. This method actually lets you pick your network or even change it as often as you like. With Mobile Phone Financing, you will not be limited to a certain provider. You are free to decide on any phone that you think will be compatible with your preferred network.

You have to remember that the monthly bill for your phone will be different from your monthly payments to the network for a PAYG or Sim Only plan.

Pay as You Go

Commonly referred to as PAYG, is a prepaid mobile service. How will this work for you? You simply need to purchase credits according to your needs and once they are up, you can reload. With PAYG, you have control on how you spend your credits. The only disadvantage of PAYG is that when you have to make unexpected calls or texts and you do not have sufficient credits, you won't be able to use the service until you add more credits.

Sim Only Deals

This option is suitable for those with bad credit record because there is no handset involved in the plan. If you go for Sim only deals, you have a great chance of getting approved since it is cheaper and holds no binding contract.

You can keep your phone and not worry about monthly fees for your mobile contract, plus you get to enjoy call, text and data usage under Sim only. Even though Sim only deals may not let you get the latest handset released in the market, this is actually a pretty good deal given your bad credit status. Besides, it could be your first baby step on improving your bad credit record.